Synchronizer Ring

Manual Transmission Synchronizer Ring

What is Synchronizer Ring?

Synchronizer ring is mounted in the car's manual transmission. In order to distribute appropriate power according to vehicle speed, each gear stage has different gear ratio composed of different gears. The gears of each stage have different sizes with a different number of teeth, which allow the gears at each stage to rotate at different speed even driving the vehicle at a constant speed. To create the optimal driving condition, two different gears with different gear ratios have to connect to each other, and this is defined as gearshift. If there is a manual transmission without synchronizer ring, gearshift can only be performed at a certain speed ratio (speed) that makes two different gears to combine. (eg. gearshift to 2nd gear at 20km, 3rd gear at 40km and so). In order to remove this discomfort, synchronizer ring is developed and it brings two different gears with different RPM to have the same RPM when the gear is being shifted. With this help of synchronizer ring, automobiles nowadays can easily perform a gearshift at any given speed ratio.

Synchronizer Ring - How it works

1 Movement of Sleeve

Sleeve is in neutral position and strut bump moves to the position where detent annulus is located

2 Movement of Key Areas

Strut generates resistances that are created by spring or detent annulus.

3 Movement of Synchronizer

Block ring moves to index position (rotating in the opposite direction over the circumference).

Fourth Step Effect of Clutch

Contact between sleeve chamfer and block ring chamfer starts cone clutch to work.

Fifth Step Movement of Block Ring

Block ring moves to the side (direction of circumference),so that sleeve spline can pass through.

Sixth Step Lock-up state gears

Gear chamfer and spline chamfer becomes in contact and gear slides to the direction of circumference. Meanwhile clutch gear and sleeve spline is occluded and makes the lock-up.

Supply Status

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