Outline of Piston Bush

Functionality of Piston Bush

Currently, the demand for parts with good durability beyond traditional materials has been a big issue for world's leading automotive companies including Hyundai and Kia Motors. The importance of the durability of a piston, the most essential part of the engine, has been highlighted in today's emerging technology. Many of the automobile companies have invested in the development of aluminum alloy that may overcome the stress and heat that generated by the friction of piston and piston pin, but most of them failed to meet the requirements. In response to this problem, piston bush is substituted as an alternative to support the piston pin and at the same time, satisfying its suspension and contraction requirements. Piston bush's material, KM401, is a strengthened material using high-strength brass that can buffer the extreme temperature as well as the vibration and there enhance the smooth operation of piston and piston pin.

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