Youngjin Precision Corp., Ltd. CEO Soon Muk Choi

Greeting, and Welcome to Youngjin Corp., Ltd

Welcome to YoungJin Precision Industrial Co., LTD. I am grateful to meet you through our web page. Youngjin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1998.
Through many years of research and development, we were able to develop patented high-strengthened brass alloy with high durability. This brass alloy is the main material for synchronizer ring; a core component in the automobile transmission. With these PRODUCT and achievements, we became a leader in this area and greatly contributed to the growth and development of metal and automobile industries in the Korean domestic market. In addition to the success domestically, YoungJin Precision Industrial Co., LTD established overseas production networks to demonstrate our presences in the global market as well.
With on-going research and development, YoungJin Precision Industrial Co., LTD will maintain leadership in this field and contribute in the metal and automotive industries. Your consistent interest and love towards our company will be our motives to new developments and innovations. Once again, thank you for visiting our website.

Youngjin Precision Corp., Ltd. CEO Soon Muk Choi
Head Quarter
1285-6 Sihwa 3 LA 321, Jeongwang-dong, Siheung Si, Gyeonggi Do
TEL: 031) 434 - 3980
FAX: 031) 434 - 3981
R&D Center
Yeonsu Songdo-dong 7-25, New Songdo City Incheon
TEL: 032) 851 - 1511
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